Using the Rayger couldn’t be easier. Whether you prefer wired or wireless operation, we’ve got you covered. Easily connect the unit between your music source and speaker system using the Rayger’s conveniently labeled aux jacks and included aux cable or simply place the Rayger in the same room as your music and let the internal mic do the rest. It’s that simple! The Rayger integrates seamlessly with all types of stereos, including Bluetooth systems, so compatibility will never be a problem.

To connect the lights, simply plug the LED strands into the power jacks on the back of the Rayger. Each jack is conveniently labeled by its frequency, so you can choose which colored strand will correspond to which frequencies. The front of the Rayger contains a sensitivity dial that allows you to adjust the visual response for any song. You can easily tune this response to find the “sweet spot” for whatever atmosphere you want to create. 

With a sleek anodized aluminum control box about the size of an iPhone, you can set up the Rayger anywhere music is playing, whether it's your car, room, bar, event center, or frat house. All of our ultra bright LED strips are flexible, durable and waterproof, giving you the versatility you need to bring your most creative applications to life. The 3M adhesive backing on the strips lets you peel and stick the lights wherever you choose: on walls, floors, ceilings, balconies, columns, bars, even outdoors. The possibilities are endless!