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发布:2020-02-05 16:30

Dear foreign teachers:


A new coronavirus, identified last month, spreading from the city of Wuhan, has been confirmed to be fatal, and the fight against the disease is the common concern of the international community. The Chinese government at all levels are actively taking measures to prevent and control the novel coronavirus-related pneumonia. Zhejiang University of Science and Technology has been attaching great importance to the safety and health of faculty and staff members. In order to work together to fight against the coronavirus, please pay attention to the following notifications:


1. Please always learn and follow related notices, information and regulations issued by the university.

1. 请外籍教师及时关注并自觉遵守学校发布的相关规定、通知和通告要求。

2. To guarantee the health and safety of faculty and staff members, the university will strengthen campus management, intensify cleaning, disinfection and ventilation of canteens, dorms, classrooms and other public areas and key spots of the campus. Meanwhile, the access management will be enhanced. Vehicles and personnel entering and leaving the university need valid credentials, and outsiders and their vehicles are, in principle, not allowed to enter the campus. We hope that you don’t invite or accept outside visitors to the university, and your understanding and cooperation are much appreciated.

2. 为做好疫情防控,切实保障广大师生的健康和安全,学校将加强校园管理,强化对全校食堂、公寓、教室等公共区域和重点场所的保洁、消毒和通风等工作,同时加强门岗管理,车辆和人员需凭有效证件进出,校外车辆及人员原则上不得进校,希望外籍教师朋友们理解并积极配合,不要邀请或接受外来人员来访。

3. From this day on, all classrooms, stadiums, and libraries of the university will be temporarily closed. Do not organize and take part in all kinds of offline teaching activities and group activities. The re-open time will be announced later.

3. 即日起学校所有教室、体育场馆、图书馆一律暂停对外开放,不组织和参与任何形式的线下集中教学和集体活动。

4. In principle, foreign teachers in ZUST are not allowed to leave Hangzhou. In case of emergency, foreign teachers who plan to leave ZUST and go back to your countries or to other cities of China should contact the International Office first to ask for leave. It needs to be confirmed that you are allowed to leave the country according to relevant government regulations on overall epidemic prevention and control before you can go through the procedures for leave.

4. 在校外籍教师原则上请勿离开杭州。因特殊紧急情况需要申请离校回国或去中国其他城市地区的,须提前联系国际交流合作处。根据政府部门整体疫情防控有关规定,确认可以出境后,方可按照有关规定办理各项手续,严防疫情扩散。

5. Foreign experts who have already left ZUST or the teachers abroad are not allowed to return to the university before the new semester begins. There will be notification from the university for the beginning date of the spring semester of 2020.

5. 已经离校的外籍教师不得在学校开学前提前返校。2020年春季学期具体开学时间,学校将另行通知。

6. Please make sure you can be contacted without difficulty. If you are in China, please inform the International Office everyday of your location and physical condition in a timely manner. If you have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, and dry cough, please contact us immediately to take relevant measures in time. Teachers abroad who are suspected of illness or symptoms of related infections should seek medical treatment in a timely manner and truthfully inform the doctors of the facts of the infection and disease, so as not to delay treatment,and inform the International Office of ZUST immediately. Teachers abroad, if you need assistance, can contact the local Chinese embassy or consulate, or contact our office for help. You can also call the Global Consular Protection and Service Emergency Hotline of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, telephone number (24 hours): + 86-10-12308.

6. 请各位外籍教师保持联系方式畅通。在中国境内的教师请每天及时通报国际交流合作处本人所在地及身体状况。如出现发热、乏力、干咳等症状,要马上联系金沙4399js网站以便及时采取相关措施。如发现疑似病情或出现相关感染症状,应及时就医并如实告知医生感染和发病事实,以免延误治疗,同时需第一时间向国际交流合作处报告。在国外的外籍教师如需协助,在外教师可与中国驻当地使领馆联系,或及时向金沙4399js网站处寻求帮助。也可拨打外交部全球领事保护与服务应急热线求助,电话(24小时):+86-10-12308。

7. During this special period, please cooperate with relevant departments, reduce the time of going out. Do not participate in parties and other group activities, do not go to public areas, keep away from wild animals, and do not go to epidemic area. If you have to go out, you must wear masks. Please keep healthy living habits, always wash hands, disinfect and keep your room ventilated. Please eat healthy food and take reasonable physical exercises.

7. 疫情防控期间,请各位外籍教师配合相关部门的检查和排摸,减少出行、不参加聚会聚餐等集体活动,避免前往人员密集的场所,避免近距离接触野生动物,切勿前往疫区。如确需外出,必须好佩戴口罩等防范措施。同时请保持良好的个人生活和卫生习惯,勤洗手、勤消毒、住所常通风、健康饮食、进行合理的体育锻炼。

8. Please have objective understanding of the novel coronavirus-related pneumonia and please believe it can be controlled and prevented. Please do not believe in or transfer unconfirmed information or rumor.


9. The International Office will closely follow the situation and notification from the university and higher-level departments. We will keep in close touch with you to timely publicize related information. Please always pay attention to our information.

9. 国际交流合作处将密切关注疫情的发展情况以及学校和上级部门的相关通知,将随时与各位外籍教师保持联系、通报信息,也请外籍教师密切关注金沙4399js网站发布的相关通知。

10. In case of emergency, please contact:

International Office

Mr. Luo: + 86-571-85070139

Mr. Zhang: + 86-571-85070179

Office of the Leading Group for Prevention and Control of the Novel Coronavirus-related Pneumonia of ZUST: + 86-571-85070850

10. 如有紧急情况,请联系:






International Office

Zhejiang University of Science and Technology

February 4th, 2020



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